Manage Operations

Your data platform is one of the most important assets in your organization, so it’s vital that you have experts monitoring and taking a proactive approach in ensuring data quality and uptime is consistent.

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Chris Sutcliffe, Sales Manager

For a fixed monthly fee, BizOne offers operations as a service to customers to either take care of your current data platform or manage the solution developed by us.

Infrastructure Monitoring

We continuously monitor your cloud or on-premise infrastructure components and send notifications of any issues, to ensure that your data platform is running smoothly.


Data Integration Monitoring

During the operations process, we monitor all data integrations including data pipelines and job executions, send error notifications and data load summaries.


Incident Handling

Using our helpdesk system (Jira), authorized users can raise a tickets in addition to automated tickets issued by the data platform.


Alert Management

We keep your organization up to date with notifications to inform of irregularities or incidents for you to take action when needed.


Maintenance & Change Management

BizOne has an experienced team to design, develop and deploy new functionality or changes on your data platform.


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