Multi Cloud & Integration

Written by: David Arenbo

September 15, 2017

One of the trends that we currently see in the “analytics space” is the very rapid adoption of cloud technologies. The cloud offers a lot of great possibilities and in many cases it also takes care of previously difficult and time consuming tasks, such as setting up infrastructure for Big Data and Machine Learning initiatives. It also means that a lot of curious and driven people out there start their own initiatives, and as we all know it can be hard to co-ordinate all ongoing initiatives, especially in large organisations.


Since there are several highly competitive cloud solutions out there, who all have their different strengths, we see customers going for “multi cloud” best of breed solutions. Since lot’s of the digitalization shift that is going on right now is driven by process and not from IT, we anticipate that this is a growing trend.


The multi cloud situation, puts greater emphasis on using a vendor agnostic solution, there are several choices out there to pick from. Our favorite vendor for the Big Data and multi cloud scenarios is Talend, which is the only open source option to end up in the leaders quadrant in Gartners MQ for Data Integration.