How can Big Data and Microsoft Azure help your business?

Written by: Chris Sutcliffe

July 6, 2018

The term “Big Data” is used widely in current technology circles but what does it mean? How can it be used for your business and what tools can Microsoft Azure provide to harness the power of Big Data?

Essentially Big Data is an umbrella term for storing and analyzing large amounts of data from one or many different sources such as:

– social media e.g. twitter, facebook, linkedin

– public e.g. government, weather, census, traffic

– business apps e.g. CRM, ERP, HR, project management, digital marketing campaign

– logs e.g. website clickstream, mobile app usage, call center records

– sensors e.g. medical devices, car sensors, household appliances

Using these kinds of data, businesses can generate actionable insights that give them the ability to drive their business forward. Microsoft Azure gives your business all the tools it needs to capture, store, process this data to solve a variety of business problems.

An example of where Big Data can be used, is where a business is currently lacking insight from targeted marketing campaigns.

Combining the various tools available and putting them in the hands of different users, a business can solve this issue by analyzing social sentiments from social media sources such as twitter or facebook and customer feedback from call center records or survey data.

The result of this can reduce the time to gain customer insight, allow a business to adjust product releases based on real-time reactions, provide incentives, new services or increase their customer base and ultimately leading to higher revenue and a ROI.

Big Data is also an important factor when you are considering to implement much more advanced analytics for making predictions using Machine Learning.

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